All information about squirrels is given; their physical differences, their food preferences, whether they hibernate, how they communicate, squirrels in your garden. Information about red squirels sanctuaries and the efforts to conserve them are also included in this revised edition.

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ISBN: 978 1 873580 73 8
Publisher: Whittet Books
Series: British Natural History Series
Author: Jessica Holm
Illustrator: Guy Troughton
Format: 215mm x 150mm
Binding: Hardback (printed case)
Extent: 128 pages
Illustrations: B&w line drawings
Publication: November 2009
A comprehensive and entertaining guide to squirrels: the physical differences between reds and greys; what they eat; whether they hibernate; how they communicate; squirrels in your garden. Information about red squirrel sanctuaries and the efforts to conserve them are also included.
Everyone loves a red squirrel, but to most the grey is a baddie who drove out the reds. But, as the author explains, things were not that simple: the numbers of reds declined drastically in Britain between 1900 and 1925, which was well before grey squirrels became established. In fact, contrary to conventional wisdom, if greys and reds inhabit the same wood, they will even share the same dreys.
‘…it is deliberately fun, with a conversational style, cartoons and appealing sketches by Guy Troughton, and yet accurate.’ – Natural World
‘…written for general readers…answers many commonly posed questions about the behaviour, anatomy and ecology of squirrels. Holm also discusses briefly garden squirrels, conservation, damage caused by squirrels and re-introductions’ – Pat Morris, New Scientist
Evolution; Some members of the squirrel clan; Squirrels in Britain;
The squirrel’s body; From the inside;
How long do squirrels live…and what kills them?; Squirrel parasites;
Where do squirrels live?; Home sweet home; Building a nest; How many nests?; Nest sharing; The more adventurous home-builder;
Mating; Raising a family;
Caring for orphaned baby squirrels; Looking after sick and injured squirrels;
Squirrel chow; How do squirrels find their food?; The bits they leave;
Why do squirrels strip bark?; Squirrels in the garden;
How to attract squirrels to your garden; Feeding squirrels;
The three-dimensional world of squirrels; Gadding about;
Squirrel social life; Do reds and greys mix?; Squirrel talk;
How many squirrels are there?;
Handling squirrels; Methods of marking squirrels;
Red squirrel conservation; Re-introductions;
Squirrels as pests; Ways of killing squirrels; Squirrel tales; Squirrel studies;
Squirrels and the law; Further information; Useful addresses.

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