The Virgin Pig Keeper – A Pair of Pigs in the Garden


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Where to put them – How to buy your pigs – Moving and handling – Feeding – Health and disease – Husbandry and stress – Regulations – The end result – How to make the best sausages – History fragments – Disasters – Useful contacts. In fact, everything you always wanted to know about rearing your own pigs.

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Publisher: Whittet Books
Author: David Brown FLS
Illustrator: Eric Copeland
ISBN: 978 1 873580 79 0
Paperback 235 mm x 165 mm
104 pages
Illustrations: 48 pencil or line drawings
Published: July 2010
Rearing your own two pigs in the garden has so many plus points that it is extraordinary that the Government hasn’t made it compulsory. The result of your efforts is succulent pork and with a little application real bacon and sausages of an unbelievable excellence the like of which you have never tasted before. In this rearing process you also have the benefit of alert, continually fascinating and socially lively companions, renowned for reducing stress.
Remember P.G. Wodehouse’s pig, the Empress of Blandings. Churchill summed it up. ’Cats‘, he said, ‘look down on you, dogs look up to you, but pigs look you straight in the eye like an equal.’
To help you accomplish the above happy outcome this book will get you streetwise in pig husbandry. It will show you how to drive a pig from A to B – not many people know that – also where to scratch them to give the most pleasure. Unlike most textbooks it not only tells you what to do but how. Finally if you lose concentration it has drawings to delight the eye by an artist who has actually worked with pigs.

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