The British Natural History Collecton: VOLUME 1
– Owls reveals all sorts of curious and unexpected facts about the owls found in Britain, and also some oddities about those species found elsewhere. The book gives readers helpful advice on how to observe and count their local owls and how to assist in protecting them.

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ISBN 978 1 873580 837
Publisher Whittet Books
Authors Chris Mead and Mike Toms
Illustrator Guy Troughton
Photographer Mark Hancox
Binding Hardback
Extent 152 pages (8-page colour section)
Publication June 2011
Appealing not just to keen birdwatchers but also to budding naturalists and all those with a passing interest in birds, copies of Chris Mead’s original work are still sought after. This amazingly informative book has now been redesigned and republished as the first volume in The British Natural History Collection. The original text has been brought right up to date by Mike Toms of the British Trust for Ornithology.
Now includes colour photographs
The book is illustrated throughout bybeautiful and accurate line drawings and cartoons by renowned wildlife artist Guy Troughton. This special edition also features an eight-page gallery of stunning colour images by bird photographer Mark Hancox including his photograph of a Short-eared Owl, winner of the BirdGuides Photo of the Year 2010 competition.

‘The book on owls is significant as it is the first volume in this publisher’s new series “The British Natural Hisory Collection”. To mark this historic event from a publisher that is renowned for its important natural history series this is an updated classic from Chris Mead…
‘If you want to know anything about owls then this the book for you. The subjects are far reaching not only for the fascinating natural history about owls but also controversial issues such as toxic chemicals and gamekeepers.
‘I particularly liked the sections on folklore and country names…
The hardback covers give the book a tactile feel and is to be welcomed as are the series of colour photographs by Mark Hancox ad the cover painting, in colour, by Guy Troughton.
This new collection will include original works and updated classics and this Volume 1 is a must to start a valuable collection for the future.’ – Ray Collier, Highland Group Newspapers

‘Owls’ is the first volume in the new British Natural History Collection from Whittet Books, and it seems very collectable to me. The first thing you can’t help noticing is that it’s a superbly crafted hardback, just the right size and shape to be carried and read almost anywhere (I wouldn’t trust myself with it near a bath, for example). The paper is good quality, the pages are not just glued but stitched, and the text is cleanly laid out. On almost every page there’s a black-and-white illustration by Guy Troughton, beautiful as well as informative…
‘I’m no birder, so maybe many people will already know all of the many new things which I learnt from this book, but perhaps this book is aimed at people like me – people who appreciate wildlife without knowing as much as we’d like – as much as the real owl enthusiasts. But with such a beautiful book I expect it will be popular with all sorts of people…
‘Chris Mead, Mike Toms Guy Troughton, and Mark Hancox deserve a wide audience for this beautiful book.’
– The Ranger’s Blog, Naturenet.net
For the full review please see http://naturenet.net/blogs/index.php/2011/10/03/p876#more876

Readers’ reviews
4.0 out of 5 stars Owls 28 Nov 2012
By jackinthebox
This book is very well-written and informative, with lots of really useful information about owls, their habits and the natural history of the species. Lots of data and statistical information too. It would have been nice if there were more of the very beautiful photographs.

4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to read and clear info. 18 Sep 2012
By A. Woodfin
I just enjoyed reading this before I went to bed. It is easy to read and follow the information. (Remembering the information later is not the authors’ responsibility.) I know which owls, of the so many, are “our own” now and will probably refer to it now & then when I may, hopefully, encounter some.
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice basic book about owls 15 July 2013
This is an older publication about owls, but very informative. Easy to read, and worth gettting if you want to know a bit about owls.

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